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Aug. 6th, 2012

Gregory Peck


Special Edition of the Gatehouse Gazette Released


All good things must come to an end but not indefinitely. Although we suspended regular publication of the Gatehouse Gazette last year, we didn't want 2012 to go by without at least one installment of the dieselpunk and steampunk magazine. So I proudly present our thickest issue to date: a 1940s themed special edition of the Gatehouse Gazette.

The magazine has a survey of Spanish steampunk by Jose Francisco Alfaya of Decimononic; a lengthy review of Peter Tsouras' collection of alternate history stories Third Reich Victorious by Larry Amyett of the Dieselpunk blog; a collection of forgotten technologies by Lorenzo Davia; an essay by Marcus Rauchfuß of The Traveler's Steampunk Blog about Nazi aesthetics in the dieselpunk genre; a feature by Tome Wilson of Dieselpunks.org about dieselpunk milestones; and, as always, a Steampunk Wardrobe column by Hilde Heyvaert of House of Secrets Incorporated about noir fashion styles.

Click here or on the thumbnail to download the issue!

Nov. 2nd, 2011

Roger Moore


Gatehouse Gazette #21 released

The final print edition of the Gatehouse Gazette provides a guide to the many possibilities for steampunk adventure that the age of imperialism has on offer.

From short biographies of three Great White Hunters to steampunk fiction in Africa, this issue is designed to thoroughly entertain the nostalgic imperialists among us. We also have a review of two recent Space 1889 adventures which clearly demonstrate that empire hasn’t to be confined to this Earth. Of course, Hilde Heyvaert provides the necessary fashion advise for when you’re planning an expedition to uncover whatever lost civilization while Marcus Rauchfuß explores the capital of an empire that’s often overlooked.

We also have two interviews, one with Simon R. Green, author of the neo-noir Nightside novels that have been extensively reviewed in previous editions of the Gazette, and another with Allegra Hawksmoor, until recently the chief editor of SteamPunk Magazine.

Click here or on the thumbnail to download this last issue!

Sep. 1st, 2011

Guy Madison


Gatehouse Gazette 1930s edition released

This 1930s edition of Gatehouse Gazette has a lot of dirt and grit in it, from crickey, secret Nazi stuff to Russian dieselpunk, but it also features the elegance of the interwar period with Art Deco, radio and fashion.

Click here to download it for free!

Jul. 19th, 2011



Gatehouse Gazette Summer Edition released

The summer and third anniversary edition of the Gatehouse Gazette has fashion, reviews, Hispanic Steampunk and Victorian seaside resorts!

Andrew Bennett is back with what is the seventh chapter in his novel Fearless. Hilde Heyvaert went to see a Dr Who exhibition in London and we present Araceli Rodríguez who is the chief editor of the Spanish language steampunk magazine El Investigador. He will tell you all about the state of steampunk
outside the Anglosphere, particularly in the Hispanic world.

Click here or on the image to download this issue. It's free!

Jun. 14th, 2011



Happy Steampunk Day!

My pets and I decided to dress up for International Steampunk Day :)

click for pictures :)Collapse )

May. 2nd, 2011



Gatehouse Gazette #18 released

The latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette is themed "Living Steampunk" and as such, it has fashion, home decor, lifestyle, and more! If you ever wondered how to steampunk your life, this issue should be an excellent guide.

Gentlemen, especially, will take delight in a column we add. Ian Brackley, who has contributed to the magazine before, will write "Gents" from this edition onward with style advice for the steampunk and dieselpunk enthusiast.

We also have two interviews. J. Parkin sat down to talk with one of the proprietors of Sanguine Gryphon, a design outfit from Maryland. Halfway across the globe, Lorenzo Davia chatted with the creator of Laboratory of Time about the state of steampunk in Italy.

Click here to download this latest edition of the number one steampunk and dieselpunk online magazine. It's free!

Apr. 22nd, 2011



Easter card!

Easter 2011 greeting card

If you are looking for a last minute Easter greeting card, look no further!
There's a free one in the latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette (#17: Jazz edition).
You can download it for free here :)

Mar. 11th, 2011

steampunk clock


Nearly time to watch the skies

March 17th

For the occassion of this year's Air Kraken Day and St-Patrick's Day the latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette (#17: jazz age) contains free printables!
So if you would like to have your very own Air Kraken Day greeting card to send your friends, go and download the magazine so you can print and use it ^__^

Mar. 1st, 2011

Gregory Peck


Gatehouse Gazette #17 released

The latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette is for the good times! The age of Jazz and flappers; aeroplanes and deco skyscrapers, all reaching for the skies. The world was roaring in the 1920s and at the Gazette, we remember the era with a splendid collection of articles this issue.

Read about art deco architecture, 1920s fashion, the philosophy of dieselpunk, Boardwalk Empire and Burlesque, Germany's Golden Twenties and more! We have fashion, fiction and reviews, all for free. Download your favorite steampunk and dieselpunk magazine today!

(Do you wish to be published in the Gatehouse Gazette? Let us know! We are always looking for new contributors. Contact the editor at n [dot] ottens [at] gmail [dot] com.)

Jan. 2nd, 2011



Gatehouse Gazette #16 released

The latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette is released today!

Themed "Weird West", this first full color issue of the magazine is a very American one indeed. We have reviews of Wild Wild West, Nickel Children and Italian Western comic Magico Vento. Ramon Fagan, contributing for the first time, reports from Texas on steampunk at the Dickens on the Strand festival. Hilde Heyvaert is back with her Steampunk Wardrobe column as is novelist Carol McCleary with a feature about Oscar Wilde's adventures in the Old West.

Click here to download the magazine -- for free!

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